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Panda B-Day!

09 July 2010 | 20:07

Fiat PandaWhen it comes Zoo, everybody loves animals. However, when it's up to cars, everybody loves pandas!

My name is Panda, Fiat Panda.
Agent Panda

This time, we have one more special occasion - 30 years Anniversary since first Fiat Panda was released. So how does Fiat going to celebrate it?..

Panda Anniversary is based on well-known (and well-sold) Fiat Panda Active with 1.1l-engine, but still there are some differences. Anniversary edition features the same black-jeans-styled interior as much more expensive Panda 4x4 Glam version. The most important thing about Panda remains the same, whether you bought classic model or Anniversary edition, you receive one of the best city cars ever made for a reasonable price of 9,950Eur.

Of course, it's not Ferrari's or Porsche's limited series. What's more, you don't have to be real Fiat fan, but let's be honest, everybody loves getting something better for the same money, doesn't it?

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