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Smart Upd

12 July 2010 | 21:57

Smart ForTwoFashionable in U.S., "must have" in Europe... yep, it's all about Smart!

It seems that Smart Fortwo could never become too old - it's always stylish, appealing to those looking for something special. However, Smart engineers think different. Let's be honest, they didn't have any reason to do anything to Smart except poor excuses for its lack of environment-friendly features, but who cares?

Of course, new green painting isn't the only way for refreshed Fortwo to tell the world it's a "green" car. It features new 1l FSI engine developped by Mitsubishi which cuts CO2 emission down to 97g/km. However, those preferring dynamics to environment will still choose Brabus 101hp engine. Another Brabus option is also diod—É-powered headlights.

Youth would also like new optional 16,5"-monitor on Smart's console and 8-speakers audio-system which is able to load tracks from your iPod, also optional.

However, we're still looking forward for public electricity-powered version which would become a real Eco-Smart.

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    AllEyesSee · Site · 17 August 2010 | 07:28

    I LIKE THIS!!!

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    AllEyesSee · Site · 17 August 2010 | 07:38

    More photos:

    and crash-test

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