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Modern Genesis

19 July 2010 | 19:49

Hyundai Genesis CoupeNeon Genesis Evangelion... nope... Anime Genesis... nope... Hyundai Genesis... Yep!

However, we planned to talk about another Genesis - new Hyundai Genesis Coupe (also known as Hyundai Genesis R-Spec). Well, it isn't that new, but... at least, it is updated one - which is even better for us, isn't it?

Hyundai customers can choose now between two different engines - 2-liter petrol one and 3.8-liter V6, who keeps under the hood 306 horses. What is more, V6 is able to help you to get your Genesis to the first 100kmph for just 5,5sec. Well, it's not perfect if you compare it to Ferrari-like sportcars, but... look onto price label and everything will take its place.

You will also get 19-inch rims, Recaro-style front seats and tougher suspension if you prefer R-Spec version to cheaper 2-liter one.

What's left to say?.. We missed you so much, Tiburon!

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