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Ghost Trail

21 July 2010 | 19:23

Rolls-Royce Ghost White Ghost Limited by MansoryThere are a lot of ghosts around us. You know, some of them are kind enough and some of them just want your soul to hide away anywhere. There are also some ghosts who not only do not try to scare you, but please you with just one look. Have you heard about that Mansory one?.

Well, let's be honest, you can't just say that this Rolls-Royce looks just like typical ghost.. Mansory's Rolls-Royce White Ghost Limited is kind of car you will probably never see on your street but one fact that it exists will make our lives a bit more happy.

It's just kind of car designed to impress everybody. Improved ECU and sport exhaust system gave new life to Rolls' 6.6l V12 - it has now 630hp in Mansory's version but the most significant performance change is its 860Nm torque. All those numbers mean that this car needs only 4.5sec on its 0-100kmph sprint and won't stop until it gets to impressive 290kmph. Do you still remember that its weight is approx. 2500kg?

When it comes to exterior, we can see totally new body kit which also includes little spoiler, new 22-inch rims. Mansory' customers are also supposed to like updated interior with new sport steering wheel and leather and alcantara all around you.

Well, at least you'll be sure that it's not a car your neighbour can afford.

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  1. Comments (4):

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    Lordie · 03 August 2010 | 13:23

    Sounds fantastic

  3. avatar
    Author · Site · 05 August 2010 | 09:34

    And looks rather expensive, doesn't it?

  4. avatar
    AllEyesSee · Site · 17 August 2010 | 07:27

    This machine looks respectable, but need more photos to see it!

  5. avatar
    Author · Site · 14 January 2013 | 00:09

    Just Google them Wink

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