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08 August 2010 | 21:58

Seat Ibiza EcomotiveSome companies fight each other trying to reach the highest power and speed records... while some do just the opposite thing. Of course, they don't try to make cars as slow as it's possible but they do their best to make their fuel consumption and exhausts as low as it's possible.

What do we have this time?.. New Seat?.. Sport-like look with deep "green" roots?..

Yes, that's right - it's updated Seat Ibiza Ecomotive outta here. It does not take long to understand - it's not just redesigned VW this time. It looks really modern and a bit aggressive, which is quite unusual for eco-models today. However, would you really buy it because of the look only?

Its "green" 1.2-liter diesel engine features 75hp (which is rather impressive for such a small engine if you're not going to compare it with Brabus, of course) and "eats" as much as 3.4l each 100km. New record? Maybe not, but it's pretty good result for everyone looking for a way to cut their fuel expenses. Another achievement is its 89g/km CO2 emission which is even more important for those who can't sleep without knowing that that's not their car causing all the pollution they watch about on TV every day.

Ibiza Ecomotive is going to be launched in both 3- and 5-doors variants and is already for pre-purchase. Probably this one will finally take you to the nearest Seat dealer?

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