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09 September 2010 | 13:33

Bentley Continental GT "2012Faster and further?

Totally true. That's what these cars are meant to be. Not everything happens in the way it's planned, but it's not the main point. It's all about classic versus future epic fight or one of the best combinations of both these qualities in just one and only car.

What is future gonna be like? Here is Bentley's point of view. We're sure, you will be happy to share it!

Two doors and four seats. This formula can sound a bit impractical if you thought about "2+2" Ferrari or Porsche sport-cars, but it can impress you when it comes to true Gran Turismo cars (and not only Maserati with the same name).

New "2012 Bentley Continental GT is something of that kind. It is going to be even faster with upgraded 567bhp 6.0l-engine and accelerate quicker with its 700Nm torque. It sounds like a perfect argument for those who would argue that this coupe doesn't look aristocratic enough to enter the same niche with Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé.

Still not sure whether this car can fit all your needs? Well, it's not only engine that makes it the best one. Naim audio-system can help you hear new notes in favourite music, Google Maps-connected navigation system will save you time on longest trips, while 30Gb hard disk drive will probably become the best candidate for the nearest upgrade. However, to be honest, not everyone stores their HD-movies collection on wheels...

Isn't your mouth already watering?

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    Artem · Site · 09 September 2010 | 13:28

    Het is echt beste auto

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