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Are we there yet?

16 September 2010 | 15:14

Porsche 911 Carrera SWell, it sounds weird. What is more, it is weird. But yet it is true. Sometimes, there are more Porsche Cayenne in the street than any other kind of cars. It is expensive, it looks weird, but...

But it is not the car we want you to know better. It is only a part of great Porsche's plan of conquering The World. They do already know, that they can sell one car by just adding all those "S", "4S", "GT" and "Turbo" to its name... well, this time they have found one more ending - "GTS".

There's nothing new in this abbreviature, of course - you could have already seen it in some video adapters names (there are lots of them by nVidia today) and even in another Porsche model... you got it right - Porsche Cayenne GTS. Better than S, still not Turbo. Strange way. But probably the best way to ask you to pay more when you do not have enough for Turbo one.

Old trick, new model. It's blasphemous, but they are planning to do that again - with your favourite Carrera series. Expanded body (just 44mm more to make you look "bigger" than those "S"-guys), another 23bhp (that's what are you really meant to pay for) which means it has 408bhp! and 304kmph top speed.

Are you in? There's still enough time to look for another 119,800$ for coupe or 130,300$ for cabrio... Coming soon. December 2010.

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