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02 October 2010 | 12:50

Mercedes CL63 AMG "2011Everybody knows Mercedes. Almost everybody knows AMG.

It is as usual as it can only be. Mercedes-Benz manufactures cars which are meant to be big, fast and elegant. AMG... well, they are not really different, but it is the best choice when you want hand-crafted Merc with a bit more horses, "kmph" on its speedometer and... be "greener"?

Doesn't that sound weird? Well, it should, at least. Which doesn't mean it is not true. Welcome to Mercedes CL63 AMG "2011!

New twin-turbocharged 5.5l V8 features 536hp and 800Nm torque. That means that it is both faster and more powerful comparing to 6.3l V12 installed on usual CL63. What is more, you can order optional AMG Performance package and receive up to 563hp and 900Nm!

Let's be honest, it's difficult to meet environment-friendly Mercedes owner (except for those "Bluemotion" fans, ofcourse), but there's still something AMG can offer to you. New CL63 AMG's fuel consumption is 27% lower comparing to "original" one while its CO2 emission became 30% lower.

Any disadvantages outta there?.. Well. It shouldn't be called CL63. It is CL55 actually, but numbers rule the world...

Coming soon. 2011.

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