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Aston comes off-road

06 November 2010 | 14:47

Aston Martin LagondaWe have already heard some news about Smart-like Aston Martin, but... the main thing which made us totally confused is only going to come - Aston Marting is planning to manufacture SUV(!) for China, Russia and countries of Middle East. Well, it means two things - a bad one and a good one.

Which one would you like to start with?

Well, let it be a good one then. It seems that we'll have one of these countries in the next James Bond movie (which will be released in 2012) and our favourite spy of all times (who is still going to be played by Daniel Craig) will probably drive this crazy thing.

What is a bad thing then?.. It's really simple - everything else. Its design had already confused critics after its first show in Geneva, 2009 and it didn't become better since then, its platform is probably going to be taken from Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which means... it is just another attempt to sell something weird to famous british brand fans.

Sounds weird, looks weird... weird trend, isn't it?

Based on Autoblog article

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