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Gran Turismo Crossover

22 November 2010 | 07:17

Open Antara "11Open continues facelifting program for its non-updated models. It is Antara's turn now. However, it is probably unfair to call it "facelifting", as long as Opel did not only change Antara's look (which looks really fresh as a result), but also changed the way it feels - replacing some engines with the new ones, which is even more interesting than it may sound! Of course it would be nice to make a long story short, but... there are too many things to say about new Antara.

Say goodbye to old good 2-liter CDi Ecotec engine. It's a good news! Old diesel is going to be replaced with two new 2.2-liter ones - featuring 163hp and 184hp accordingly. What is even more interesting - both these variants are now Euro5-compatible! Another updated engine is 2.4-liter Ecotec V4 petrol one, which now features up to 170hp (instead of 140hp). One more technical update came to six-gear manual and automated transmissions which were changed to lower fuel consumption, CO2-emissions and ride dynamics.

Got used to count your money? Well, then you will be glad to here that electric parking brake, hill assistance system and "shift-up" idicator are all standart now.

What's left to say? Yes, its look is now even more stylish and makes combination "off-road capabilities" sound a bit more realistic. Good job, Opel!

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