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Just a bit better

26 November 2010 | 16:40

Aston Martin Vantage "2011Aston Martin engineers do not even think of having some rest. It seems they see new enhancements even in their dreams. What's more, they like what they see and what's even better - we also do!

Do you remember their last victim?.. Aston Martin Vantage "2010? They've thought that it was not enough and decided... to make it even better! Welcome new Aston Martin Vantage GT4!

What's the simpliest way to improve a good car? You got it right - improve its aerodynamics. AM engineers think the same way. New front splitter, carbon diffuser... They just did everything possible to enhance downforce - which is a good new as long as you're not going to fly a bit during a race.

Another thing about Vantage GT4 "2011 - you can now order ABS and traction-control system. It will cost you some more money, but... well, in GT4 "09 you could not have it anyway.

Is there anything bad about this car? Well, believe us, you don't wanna think about its CO2 emission or fuel consumption...

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