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30 November 2010 | 19:58

Fiat Brava "11Take it easy, man.

No, it is not a wrong blog or something of that kind - it's just a new Fiat motto. During current economy situation it is best for the company to keep its business as stable as it's possible - which means not taking any risks and keeping their wide model range up to date - which is rather difficut to combine.

One of the most popular (next to 500, of course!) Fiat models nowadays is probably Bravo. Not so small and not too big, rather fast, but not too expensive... and so stylish! Almost full set of selling points!

Anything missing? We have forgotten about engines... while Fiat did not! Updated Fiat Brava "2011 comes in Brazil with a new 1.8L innovative engine E.torQ which provides you with 130hp. All the other countries will receive three updated version of their old good 1.4L engine, including 1.4L TJet one featuring 152hp. Add optional panoramic roof, up to seven airbags and parktronic...

We want one too...

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