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02 December 2010 | 20:47

Land Rover Discovery Black and White Limited EditionYou can't forget them.

There's nothing really special in their design, they're not extremely fast and, be sure, sometimes they're driven like hell. But still...

It's Land Rover. It's thought to be cool to have one and what's more - it is actually. There's only one thing which Land Rover Discovery owner can think of watching road signs passing by... Land Rover Discovery Black and White Limited Editions.

Well, let's be honest. There's nothing really special in their design too, they're not even faster and... sometimes those are driven like hell too.

However, they're even more stylish! 20-inch rims look just as cool as you want them to, and black radiator grill makes its exterior look... well, kinda special. Ebony cloth interior will make its usage even more pleasant than you thought it would be.

When it comes to off-road... just remember those magical words - Land Rover Terrain Response. It's all you need to survive in places where no one had ever been before.

Anything else worth mentioning? Yep. Remember, it's limited edition series... you'd better hurry up.

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