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Big Bro

03 December 2010 | 19:51

Buick GL8 "2011Big countries love big cars. Big countries make big cars. Either fit it or get away.

General Motors is obviously seeking for non-standard ways of generating profit in their difficult economic position. Enormous and constantly growing market seems to be a great place for expansion. Even for that old brands like... Buick, for instance.

That's right, GM still didn't give up with the idea of getting on of the oldest of their brands and its... well, not conversion but... a seamless update, which is rather difficult to do on its native market - U.S.. That's where the expansion becomes a perfect solution.

GL8 "2011 is a 5.2m long luxury van for up to 7 passengers developped by Shanghai GM in collaboration with PATAC. Blue interior highlight and Boss audiosystem should make trips seem to be not that long and much more comfortable.

You are provided with choice between classic 3.0L V6 engine and 'greener' 2.4L Ecotec with lower fuel consumption, both set up with six-gear automatic transmission. ABS, ESP, bi-xenon headlights and six airbags all come in basic version.

How much? Starting from 43,200$.

Should probably visit Beijing these days...

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