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Japan Blues

06 December 2010 | 19:26

Honda Jazz "2011Some people say it's a bad idea to try to fix something which is not broken. Gratefully, those are not Honda engineers who tried to do their best to make almost perfect car totally perfect. We mean Jazz.

Each newer version of it seems to be even cute than previous one - which you couldn't even imagine at that time. The same thing with the latest update.

A bit smoother "face" let it get Cx=0,33 (which is even a little better than those very good 0,336 the previous Jazz got) which helped it to lower fuel consumption rate with all the engines remaining almost the same - and it means 5.3L/100km for a 1.2L petrol engine and 5.5L/100km for a 1.4L one. CO2 emission also lowered a bit - to the impressive 123g/km and 126g/km respectively.

Hybrid version still remains a bit more interesting - it uses the same hybrid system you could have seen in Honda Insight - which means it consumes around 4.5L every 100km with CO2 emission on 104g/km level.

The British prices start from 11,295£ and 15,995£ for the simplest one and the hybrid one respectively.

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