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Out of Stock

07 December 2010 | 19:04

Lamborgini Estoque ConceptIt's ok for Lambo's to be out of stock, it's one of those points which make it that precious and lovely for their owners.

However, rules are changing now. It still hurts to hear about Aston's ideas to make Smart carbon copy, but it hurts twice as much to know about Lambo plans of creating mass-oriented model... is it really possible?

It's not that bad, however! They do really going to start mass production, but... it's Lambo, which means that vehicle "for mass" will still cost around 230,000€ "only". You shouldn't be afraid of seeing lots of Gallardo's and Murcielago neither as the only model which is being debated for mass production is Lamborghini Estoque concept, presented on Paris motorshow in 2008. It is still going to have classic 5.2L V10, already known by every Lambo fan.

God saved us this time. There are still some things left to be aware of. So many changes...

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