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08 December 2010 | 10:05

Nissan LeafYokohama's government presented a new `Smart City` project bringing a new vision of energy streams in modern metropolis.

Electric cars are one of the most wonderful concepts of modern reality, but ideas put into `Smart City` project were difficult to predict and even more difficult to turn into that reality. It's obvious that electric cars are fed with electricity using local power network or something of that kind... but feeding city's power network back from the car - how could it be real? They're either geniuses or insane - let's find out.

Electric cars are "eating" their batteries only while moving - and even in that case they save it while braking. Which means that they can feed remains of their batteries if needed back to the city as long as they are not used 24/7.

Another important part of the project is the concept of charging stations - they will accumulate energy from solar panels to their batteries to be ready to "feed up" Leaf's anytime you need. What is more, this part of project can be turned into reality without total re-conversion of existing gas stations - just add solar panels and batteries to them!

Ready for another sci-fi chapter? Leaf taxis won't be riding all the time looking for a passenger. Passengers will be looking for cabs instead - using GPS and coordination-centre connected to the global network. Find the closest to you and call it!

What about genius vs. insane ones question?

Well... Both, probably.

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