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Old V8, New Vantage

16 December 2009 | 14:25

AM V8 Vantage 2010New year is coming and almost all companies continue updating their model ranges.

Ofcourse you know AM - as long as you remember about a famous spy of British crown - you'll remember Aston Martin. We still don't have anything new about new "Smart-killer" by AM and it means that V8 Vantage still is the cheapest Aston you can find.

Was it that old? Ofcourse, it was not. But it's still useful sometimes to try to repair something even if it's not broken, isn't it?

New rim style, crystal tail lights are not the only advantages of "2010 Vantage - you will also get new transmission which means your Aston will forget about only 300g/km CO2 in the air around instead of 328g/km. We can't say if it will really help you save some pennies paying taxes, but still - it's a bit "greener" now.

One more thing. You still need to be ready to pay at least $135,000 for coupe and even more - $147,650 for roadster.

Are you still sure you wanna be James Bond?..

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    Vuyko · 22 May 2010 | 14:02

    Wow, I'm shocked!

  3. avatar
    Vuyko · 22 May 2010 | 14:19

    Hey! Wazzup

  4. avatar
    cephei · 20 June 2010 | 22:20

    This car causes in me a storm of emotions

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