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09 December 2010 | 15:21

New Lancia StratosDo you still remember it? The old good perfect Lancia Stratos? The lowest, but certainly not the slowest car in the world? Well... it is back!

New style brought by Pininfarina, shortened Ferrari F430 platform and light-weight body - which means its weight is less than 1250kg - it sounds too good to be real, doesn't it?

New Stratos is powered by the same 4.3L-engine as F430 Scuderia tuned up to 532hp - and that means 3.3sec for 0-100kmph sprint, 9.7sec for 0-200kmph and approximately 0.4hp/kg!

The only questions left are almost traditional: when? how many? and how much?

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    CRed · 07 October 2011 | 03:50


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