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Rocks off the road

10 December 2010 | 15:54

Volkswagen RocktonWhat do you think about light commercial vehicles? They are boring and so practical that it makes no fun driving them? It is so usually - but not this time and not with this Volkswagen.

Sometimes (almost always, to be honest) plastic straps are not enough to use a car anywhere but on city roads. Which doesn't mean there's no need in it, however.

New Volkswagen Rockton is mostly like Transporter Kombi - except for always active AWD system 4MOTION, additional 30mm in road clearance and enforced suspension, designed for a 3.2t full weight. Anything missing? You can choose from two turbodiesel engines available featuring 140hp and 200hp, both compatible with Euro5 ecology standart.

Rockton can be ordered with two additional complectation levels - Expedition (16" rims, enhanced transmission) and Protection (includes engine, transmission, fuel tank and exhaust system protection).

Yes, it's still not as tasty as Porsche or Ferrari, but it brings more variety in LCV segment, which is always a good thing.

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