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No Need for Stars

14 December 2010 | 20:50

Jeep Compass "2011There is always place for some... brutality. It is probably the best word you can find around to describe Jeep.

What is more - it is the best quality good Jeep ought to have. No brutality - no Jeep. Some brutality... well, still no warranty it's Jeep.

But what about new Compass "2011 then?

Well, it is kinda special, you know. Sometimes it is similar in some way to some Land Rover models (God save our souls!), but sometimes... it is just in right brutality to show its Jeep' nature.

It had received a face-lifting, with new radiator in front and some rather bright diodes in its rear lights. Its 17"- or even 18-inch wheel discs were also updated, but... let's be honest, they were not special and they did not become either.

But what is Jeep without its power supply? It comes with 2L or 2.4L petrol engine providing 158 or 172bhp, accordingly, connected to 5-gear manual transmission or variator. All this power will go to the front or all four wheels, depending on version.

Anything else? You will be able to buy it in a few days and it is still manufactured in U.S. - what else should there be?

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