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Romeo & Giulietta

16 December 2010 | 23:20

Alfa Romeo GiuliaIt could sound so romantic... it should do, at least.

They are together again! Romeo and Giulietta! True Italian love unites their hearts...

Well, it seems to be a bit too far. No hearts, but engines. One engine, in fact. And no Giulietta...

Alfa Romeo Giulia is proud to be the successor of old-school Alfa Romeo 159, which did not seem to be much popular outside Italian state structures.

Giulia ought to be totally different - it has different look with new original style, based on Delta one and... it feels totally different than 159.

It features the whole engines line, both petrol and diesel ones, providing from 104hp up to 200hp, not mentioning Cloverleaf sport version with V6 petrol "heart".

Suspension features Active Roll Control system, providing higher stiffness while turning, while DNA package should make car driving as comfortable as it is possible by optimizing steering wheel and gas pedal feedback.

Too good to be truth?

Coming soon.

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