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Let's get Radical

20 December 2010 | 14:10

Radical SR3 SLDidn't you want to drive something extraordinary at least once in your life? Wanted to drive a racing car while not being a professional race driver?

It's Ok with Radical! Especially - with its `the most advanced` SR3 SL Le Mans prototype...

Why is it so special? First of all, it is powered by enhanced Ford EcoBoost engine providing SR3 SL with 300hp, connected to 6-gear manual transmission with Formula 1-style gear switching on. 300hp do not seem to be very much for Bentley or Porsche owner... but only before you remember that the engine is Eco5-compatible while total weight of car is only 675kg!

Finally, it's unbelievable, but SR3 SL is omologated for use on public roads.

The only question which remains open is still the price Radical would ask for the happiness of being SR3 SL owner.

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