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H for Hybrid

22 December 2010 | 18:42

Cadillac SRX "10Everything changes.

The more some things are resistant to changes, the more changes they finally take.

We saw some weird steps taken by Lincoln and Cadillac in the last few years, but... hybrid Cadillac? Is it true?

Well, unfortunately or not, it is. It's almost Chevy Volt, but a bit more "serious". It will be able to survive only 16km using its Li-ion batteries, which is slightly different than Volt's 55km. However, its engine is 3.6L V6 257hp, which is quite better than Chevy's 1.4L V4, which makes it closer to hybrid Lexus LS460h than Chevrolet Volt.

When? Why? How much?

Coming (not very) soon.

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    Author · Site · 13 January 2013 | 23:34

    Hybrid Cadillac makes you really wonder

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