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The Future Empire

24 December 2010 | 21:56

Chrysler 300C "11Some cars are fast, some are luxury, some are practical... and some are designed to impress - just like Chrysler 300C, for instance.

Its body was not rounded really, while it was pretty simple and solid. Nothing less, nothing to add. It made it seem common and made you like it at the same time - right for its straight style.

Everything changes.

New Chrysler 300C "11 will be nothing of the kind. The model became strategic one for Chrysler, which made them put all the forces they had to make it as fresh and modern as it's possible, assuming it is still Chrysler.

However, it looks... well, it looks pretty weird now. It's some kind of a hybrid - american body with european elements everywhere. You can't probably just say it looks bad, but... it does not really impress you anymore.

Yes, there is much more chrome in the front, as well as new LEDs in all the lights, while roof became panoramic - it should be a big step forward for Chrysler.

You would also find a new enhanced multimedia system inside with extra large 8.4"-inch touch-screen in the middle.

One more interesting point is... you won't see Chrysler 300C in EU, apart from UK and Ireland - it is going to be sold as Lancia Thema in all the Europe.

Coming soon.

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    Serg · 07 December 2011 | 14:33

    Not a goof car, author got Dead

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