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Less doors - more style

23 May 2010 | 15:12

Xenatech Maybach 57S CoupeIt was 2005 when Mercedes engineers finally understood that it's not that much important for customer how much doors his car has but how stylish it is. Even more, this idea finally took its place in Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class.

It took 5 years, however, until Xenatech tuning company tried to go even further and not just add coupe-look to Maybach but let it be coupe.

Would you really hire a driver if you could drive this car yourself? Never.

Do you still remember that Bentley coupes are selling world-wide quite well and even Rolls-Royce produces its own coupes? It does not only mean that it makes sense producing expensive phaetons for the richest ones but makes obvious that it's impossible to run elite vehicle brand without at least one luxury coupe model.

Would you mind having one? If your answer is "Yes" and you like an idea of having the most luxury car Mercedes can offer to you... Hurry! Xenatech intends to produce only one hundred of these works of art at a price of 650,000 euro each. But still it will never replace Maybach Exelero.

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    AllEyesSee · Site · 17 August 2010 | 06:28

    Mercedes still is not the manufacturer, which claims the coupe highest quality.

    For this money you can find the coolest car...

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