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Still stylish, still sexy

25 May 2010 | 19:14

Audi TTS Roadster "11Audi finally anounced specs of its updated TTS & TTS Roadster models from its 2011 model range. Let's be honest - it's difficult to find someone who bought one of these because of their practical abilities, but there are some bonuses even for those practical buyers!

However, we are probably going to start with something more interesting. The best thing about new Audi TTS is, probably, its new engine range which now contains four different engines. The most powerful one is petrol-driven 2.0-liter TFSI with 272hp and 350Nm torque, which means it takes only 5.2s for the 0-100kmph run for TTS Coupe.

Other motors provide you with 211hp, 160hp and 170hp for 2.0l-petrol, 1.8-petrol and 2.0l TDI respectfully. According to company's official announcement the cheaper 2-liter petrol engine is going to be the most widely spread with its 258Nm and 0-100kmph acceleration in just 6.1s consuming only 6.6l of fuel for every 100km.

What's more, TTS finally got much better aerodynamics with Cx=0.3 and 0.32 for TTS coupe and roadster respectfully.

Coming soon? Updated TTS are going to appear in Europe this summer and get through Atlantic to USA this fall. Prices in Europe start from 30,200€. Quite reasonable, isn't it?

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