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27 May 2010 | 09:57

Cosworth Impreza CS400Every F1 fan knows Cosworth. It is as natural as that sky is blue.

However, it is obvious that not everyone knows that more than decade ago Cosworth was making not only Formula 1 engines but also road cars. What is more, those times are back with new Cosworth-upgraded Subaru Impreza STI.

Cosworth racing support experience was certainly proved in this model - 2.5l-engine power was risen for 33% to 400hp. All-wheel drive system makes Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 0-100kmph sprint as fast as 3.7sec.

Ofcourse, it was not only engine that Cosworth gave a second life - transmission, exhaust system and brakes were also enhanced.

There will be produced only 75 Cosworth CS400 for right-side steering Great Britain only, each one priced at 49,995GBP.

Cosworth, where had you been before Subaru gave Impreza this look?..

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