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AMG strikes back

11 June 2010 | 13:39

Mercedes ML63AMG "10All those modern models like BMW X6 or Porsche Cayenne finally became kind of "traditional" vehicle you need to have to drive to your neighbour floor below. But what if you really want to get a stylish car having some off-road trips in mind?

Here is one of the most suitable solutions: Mercedes ML-series top model is quite good choice itself but it becomes so much better when it comes to AMG-served one. It is always possible to write few more paragraphs about it but there are also cases when some numbers are much more effective and it is probably one of them. It's 6.3l-monstrous engine powered by 510 real german horses with 630 lb-ft torque. Sounds familiar to you? Exactly, it is that famous X63AMG engine well-know all over the world. All these skills should be well-managed which becomes the main task of AMG's SpeedShift 7-gear transmission which also gives driver three different modes to suit your mood during trip.

Where to buy? All over Europe, next month. Don't forget to take at least 105,000€ in your wallet!

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