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Yet Another American Accord

28 June 2010 | 20:10

Honda Accord 2011You know, it is quite traditional nowadays. If something starts not in Great Britain we all know where it is going to happen.

You got it right - USA.

American Honda Motor Co. does not only have better aerodynamics comparing to its older sister but also received restyling which made its look much more fresh. Of course, both these factors mean that new Honda Accord saves you some petrol each mile which means it does not only saves global ecological situation but also saves you some cash which is even more useful.

However, Accord became more formal and it means that Honda is dreaming of rising their average customer age. We do not think they do not know what they are doing but still... it's nice that we can still enjoy previous generation in Europe.

Did you already love it? There's still plenty of time to change your attitude - new Accord will come to North American showrooms in the end of this summer.

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